2 days of tantra workshops this week-end in Johannesburg You can come to both days or only Saturday.
SATURDAY 26th November : 10am – 7pm
~ opening to vulnerabilities ~
~ revealing unconscious and unexplored feelings ~
~ sacred touch ~
SUNDAY 27th November : 10 am – 3pm
~ exploring the eros , or unconscious sexual desires that appeared on Saturday during the touch work ~
Bringing eros to consciousness frees sexual energies and the awareness previously trapped in the mental realms.
SUNDAY 27th November : 4pm – 6pm .. open to ALL
~ tantra talk and meditation ~
Saturday only Workshop ~ R900
Saturday and Sunday Workshop ~ R1400
Sunday Talk ~ R200 and open to all. If you have attended the workshops , you can attend for free.
You are welcome to bring a partner to work with or meet one here.
Swami Rahasya and Dakini Shima
Connect with Shima to confirm your place
whatsapp ~ 084 591 1211

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