Satsang with Shima


The word Satsang comes from the Sanskrit and translates loosely to mean to be in the company of true people.

Shima comes from the shimmering ocean and means the union of light and water , the union of Shiva and Shakti. It is the  sacred union.

Satsang is an invitation to bring to presence whatever is present and as Shima comes from a very deep lineage of the dakini ( awakened feminine energies ) and Tantra ,this Satsang also invites the enquiry into sexual energies and our challenges, fears and delights , around these energies and the Satsang will gently meet our defenses or protection against sexual energy and our Self.

So in this Satsang you can have access to deep enquiry into the most sensitive aspects of being in a most gentle way.

You can even simply lie down and fall asleep amongst true company , melodic voices and vibrating energies and let that be your melting meditation.

Satsang begins in Johannesburg on Wednesday 6th June in Fellside ( close to Norwood / Houghton Golf course ) at 7pm till 9pm. Please bring a pillow or chair to sit on.

It is R150. Please pay cash as you arrive.

And we will start and end promptly for everyone to get to bed on time for school tomorrrow :)