Tantra Sessions

An Erotic Exploration

You explore your unconscious eros. Here , your true sexual nature is held captive and here we go to set your sexual energy free.
2 hours
Yoni Medicine Steam ( For Women ) 
 Into the ancient sacred feminine mysteries and a deeper discovery of your inner yoni nature.
2 hours
Naked Medicine Steam ( For Men ) 
Into ancient sacred masculine mysteries and a deep let go of conditioning and control within and without.
2 hours
Raising Ecstasy 
Energy body ceremony
3 hours
Sahaj Samadhi
A traditional tantra session of the Sahaj Samadhi lineage or spontaneous bliss, where we surrender into the spontaneous moment. We will begin these sessions after the completion of the 3 sessions above.
2 hours
Recommended time for 3 sessions 6-9 weeks
South African Rates 
South African Rates are approximately R700 per hour , depending on the session
One hour tantric enquiry is available between longer intense sessions . These can be in person or on Skype R700
International Rates
$120 per hour for in person and $100 per hour for Skype.
1. A physical practice of either yoga, dance, martial arts or some other form of embodiment. This can include sports or a physical disciple of regular hiking etc
2. A practice of meditation where one begins to see the mind.
In the first session we will discuss any boundaries, concerns that you may have regarding Tantra.
Calling all seekers who long to dance inside the mystery 
Shackles in the dust 
Laughter in the mist 
Following a trail of flowers into the heart of the Beloved.
In Love
Dakini Shima