Changing Lives

Welcome to the spirit path of Tantra and the film that opens the way.

Lalla the Buddha is a love bomb!

This film begins in Pune in a wave of heat and a journey into the ancient mystery of India.

Mother India breaks us open and the real floods through as love arises in the film herself.

And four years later Lalla the Buddha is born.

On opening night ,  I hold my breath and wonder what on Earth is about to happen ..

As the films ends I feel openness and love and yes rising into the night. They smile and laugh and hug me and hug me and hug Andrew and then e-mails  pouring in from all over.

People saying ,”thank-you , thank-you so much ; I am so deeply touched ; something new is awake now ;  I felt so much love” ;  so many tears , just tears .”

I never expected Lalla the Buddha to touch people so intimately.

Somehow Existence found a doorway into this film and something profound has been planted in Lalla the Buddha. When you watch this film old junk deletes and upgrades happen.

The more you watch the film, the more you see , and then the more you feel , as love begins to do love’s work.

It does not matter if you are a seasoned Tantra teacher or baby brand new seeker , this film touches you. A communion , personal and intimate and immediate, moves through the doorway of Lalla the Buddha.

We feel blessed to have been the makers and the lovers and the protectors of Lalla the Buddha and our wish is that she may fly far and wide and affect as many people possible.

So come along and be blown away by the love bomb!

Lalla the Buddha