Film Reviews

  • “I watched it last night, with a glass of Merlot — the film is a meditation in itself.  Brilliant!   BRAVO!”

  • “The Film Lalla the Buddha , will take you into the secret ways of Tantra and reveal your true sexual nature.”

  • “Not since OSHO has someone told the story of Tantra so well”

  • “Masterful sex will guide you into awakened love and Tantra is the bridge!”
  • :Amazing , It spoke to me ! Namaste”

  • I loved your documentary!

  • It was beautiful…it was deep and it was sacred. I bow.Thank you love for sharing yourself so intimately.I was very moved.Namaste


Carri Blees

  • Dakini Shima – wow & O.M.G!this is just so beautiful and such an achievement – thank you so much for sharing this with us and teaching your language of tantra – a blessing and a joy. So beautifully presented, filmed, directed, spoken, loved – a pleasure of pure expression so gloriously shared – well done sister – I love you xxxx ♥ ♥ ♥

Pip Leslie-Rowe

  • Beloved Shima,
    I just finished watching your movie! An excellent job at introducing the depths of Tantra and of Love.
    There were moments that filled me with feelings that are beyond words and all I could do was to cry, from a sadness to the excitement of understand what you were talking about!
    You are a beautiful gift of love to the world and I wish you much success with this movie.
    So much love and respect, I love you,


  • A gorgeous telling of the story of tantra from one who knows the path and has walked the path.

Swami Rahasya

  • Thanks so much for making this movie. Its beautiful.

Haroun Kola

  • Awesome, beautiful, deep and clear. Thank you so much Shima, deeply appreciated.

Mike Bothma

  • Shima,
    My body melted in every moment of Lalla…I so remember how existence brought you to me, and I was able to by-pass the entire Western Neo-Tantra to begin to find my true spiritual self. Congratulations on the release of this important film. I love you and your ancient way, beloved.


  • dearly beloved shima
    it was my privilege to share such an intimate moment with you, andrew and rasada.
    your movie has played through my being today, what exquisite work the two of you have done!!
    the honesty, divinity and deep integrity in which you live, flowed through your words and the images, and carry an important message so exquisitely and accessibly. andrew’s love for you was captured and reflected in the movie, so beautiful to see.
    bless you,
    love you darling shima

Karin Geldenhuys

  • Hi Dakini,
  • I feel fortunate to watch your film. Thank you so much. This is very beautiful. It has sparked something within me. I love you.
  • Namasté

Ajatshatru Aggawal

  • Thank you so much for this beautiful and inspiring film. I look forward to watching it again to take in more of the teachings and insights. Namaste Dakini Shima

Geraldine Sharkey

  • All I can say is Thank You for this beautiful video. Its like just love pouring out of it. A million gratitudes for making something so wonderful. Thank You again. I am from Mumbai India and my names Hemant… Namaste.

Chandali Ishta

  • Thank you for this teaching, I’ve been spell bound by Lalla the Buddha and thanks for leaving it posted just a little longer – Jenny (Israel).

Jenny Eshed

  • I enjoyed every minute of it, I felt blessed to have encountered your beautiful soul who has the creativity and experience to put my journey into words and images ♥

Marleentje Hauquier

  •  … my beloved dakini sister Shima filmed this in India. Filled with rich wisdom, beauty and practical information Lalla the Buddha explores the roots and true meaning of tantra and its power to transform every moment into a moment of awakening. Every segment if drenched in Shima’s love and juiciness. Thank you, Shima for sharing your heart and vision so generously. In love and gratitude, ♥

Sharon Lynn Mauldin

  • My mind is abuzz with ideas, but my body… Oh, my body is ripped open and willing to embrace the dance.

Jagor Tyran

  • Hello Beautiful sister…
    so glad I found you there, could listen forever to your explaining!

Karin Koisser

  • It was wonderful! ♥

Jessica Lynn

  • This is so glorious and a great creative expression – I learnt such a lot from your experience and language of the unspeakable ‘moment’! congratulations! pranam! I bow to you dear one ♥

Kelly N Patterson

  • Thanks for the online premiere – an awesomely good telling of the story of tantra

Richard Fletcher

  • Thanks for this beautiful gift. I am deeply touched.

Doris Pum

  • Namaste, I had a chance to briefly view Lalla the Buddha, it touched me greatly  Thank you from my heart. Namaste

Chris Roberts

  • Dakini Shima thank you for the beautiful and exquisite documentary. I loved it. The cinematography and scenery was stunning and your beauty, uniqueness and wisdom shone through! Much love to you beloved ♥

Talia Yanate

  • It brought tears

Nicky von Wiese

  • Awesome… Stunning, Thank you , Thank you for sharing.

Matthew Austin