5 week Tantra Course

Sexual energy births all of Existence.

Come and drop into this breath , 

this song of the  Goddess 

as Shiva blows himself in 

and through her.

How the course works 

We gather for five Tuesdays consecutively. 

We meet sharply from 7pm until 10pm. 

We begin the 18th of June and end the 16th of July. 

You also receive one hour private session as part of the course.

The course will be held in Johannesburg

What we will cover 

We cover the foundational aspects of Tantra. These include the origins of Tantra and how it has evolved and continues to evolve. 

We drop into the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra which offers extraordinary practices and meditations to take you into your true nature and lay the foundations of sacred sexuality. 

And we work with held patterns in the body and mind which will be supported by the presence of the group Shakti ( the dynamic energy field) .

So the 3 directions we are moving in are ????

1. History and Evolution of Tantra

2. Pain body / EGO amid consciousness. 

You learn to be present with the pain body in the field of the communal Shakti. 

Also, you will learn how to hold space for the pain body in yourself and another.

3. Moving Eros 

Working with the meditations of the ancient text of Shiva and Devi , Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra.

These sutras will open the sexual energies to flow, and teach how to invite the energy to flow in yourself and another. 

Introduction to additional elements

Dark Eros; Opening the Heart; Deconditioning the Mind; the Nervous System ~ expanding your capacity for feeling very strong energies, which prepares you to open to powerful sexual energies; Conscious Conversation between men and women especially around sexuality and relationship; Body Work practice to awaken energy; further aspects of sacred sexuality delivered according to the group’s need; Will to be vulnerable, the key to feeling Existence.

1 hour private session

Each student receives a one hour private session as part of the course. The student and Shima will arrange a date shortly after the course.

Costs and Booking ☀️

The entire course and a private one hour session is R3100. 

Or pay by the 13th of June to qualify for a discount. If you pay for the course by the 13th of June you can pay between R2500 and R2800 depending on your financial abundance. 

You can also pay 50% on the 13th of June and 50% by the 1st of July and still qualify for the discount. 

Space is limited 

To book, please connect with Melissa 

Whatsapp ..  073 151 4392

Email .. thevillagedevine@gmail.com

Who is this course for

This course will also be helpful for spiritual practitioners who are guiding others as medicine servers, sacred sexuality guides, tantric practitioners, energy workers and so forth. 

It will especially be helpful to integrate your unconscious sexuality so that this does not affect your work . Sexual energy is powerful and can be a powerful tool for catalyst , guidance energy and calling in the lost selves or it can be unconscious and even destructive to the work when ignored or unexamined.

This course is also for anyone who feels that sacred sexuality may be a calling or a path that will help them deeper into knowing their true nature.

A little more about the course 

Tantra is an extraordinary mystical path. It invites us to awaken through the art of Enlightenment and the way of the Lover.

However things have changed a little on Earth since Tantra was last embraced and practiced.

Abundant flavors of new mental conditioning and bondage have arisen and most people are very disconnected from the divine energies. It seems clear that on one level we are still entwined in the Kali Yuga , which is the darkest and densest time for consciousness , yet simultaneously entering the sage of Aquarius where the angel Gabrielle reminds us that the only way to ascend is through absolute freedom.

We are caught between these two poles on the bridge into the mystical self.

It is wonderful and a challenge and I feel most true seekers are up for it!

And another challenge, as we enter a course on tantra, is the diversity of consciousness in each person present. For example, It is quite possible to have a deep felt sense of the true nature of Existence and still be immature sexually which is going to be a snag and hold you back around every spiral of awakening.

And so I offer this course, as a way of being thorough and understanding the spiritual terrain you are entering, more clearly. 

This applies to Tantra but also to the Shamanic path of plant medicine or the yogi path or perhaps you are simply interested in the wonder of Existence beyond what is known and into the lands of the mystical and the unknowable.

And what comes to the forefront, as I look around, is the lack of Bliss on our planet and in ourselves. I am amazed at the suffering that many people experience in their day to day living.

It feels like Existence is beckoning us to a new frontier and inviting is to turn into this edge of the Evolution.

And noticing the interplay between this suffering pain body , consciousness and the rising of bliss is a great step into freedom from suffering and into the mystery.

The pain body is a defender state that blocks Qi and becomes a wall against life. This is felt as physical or emotional pain. Emotional pain can also appear as fear , guilt , shame , indecision , procrastination , isolation , depression etc. All these emotions stop you from engaging the bliss of Existence and flowing into Dharma or the true energy way of your Being. 

For us to enter into Bliss, we need to first become aware of the pain body , then secondly begin transforming the pain body back into pure energy , through masterful presence and practice,  which you will learn, and thirdly begin the sacred tantric meditations which bring deeper awareness and thus Bliss into the body. 

Bliss follows awareness and presence.

And so begins the journey into energy or deepens it.

And, if your interest runs into the depths, you may continue to enter the portals of sacred sexuality that open the Way into God-Goddess. 

And so, in this course, we begin to release the pain body and then awaken the subtle energies of the body through the ancient tantric meditations of Shiva and Devi.

A final word

We slow down now and not rush towards Enlightenment. For, you may notice that as you enter the gates of sacred sexuality, any trauma or confusion that exists pulls you away from entering this gateway. This happens again and again as you attempt to enter the gates of the sacred. 

So in the weeks you will learn ways how to be present with the pain body and how to transform this ego structure into conscious awareness and flow. 

You learn fundamental tantric mediations that are the bedrock of all traditions having been written 5000 years ago. This sacred text is a holy communion between Shiva and Devi.

In this conversation the most sacred meditations of tantra are revealed that if you can fully enter one in totality in will change everything . And by that I mean your focus will shift from separation to interconnectedness of all life. 

And as we enter the origins and history of Tantra , you will discover how we have become stuck in our modern culture of immature sexuality , rampant media and pornography , the forgetting and denial of the divine and the great love affair between Shakti and Shiva. 

Most people have no notion of this eternal love dance and so when they come to tantra they are without any fundamental footing.

Lets begin with where we stand and lay the rocks of the temple so that we can enter and pray together in the most sacred way.. 

Sexual energy births all of life and all of Existence.

Come and drop into this breath , 

this song of the  Goddess 

as Shiva blows himself in 

and through her.

Sacred sexuality is yet to be reborn on the planet. Remember that!

All that we have seen of it, so far, are only the preparations for what is coming.

Are you ready ,let’s begin.

On Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra 

The holy communion between Shiva and Devi is way into the mystery and your true nature.

And it is the sacred meeting of the divine feminine and masculine. In this great love affair, Love is born.

We understand deeper 

The language of the feminine

The origins of Tantra

Darkness versus light

Darkness has a bad rap

Mature and immature masculine / feminine

The return of the goddess and patriarchy in evolution  

What is the ego / consciousness model (system enveloped by Dakini Shima)

Author: Dakini Shima

Dakini Shima is a wonder filled being who brings the transmission of mystery into form. These transmissions source from the voice of Yoni along the ancient spiraling lineage of SkyDancers and SkyHeroes. Some of you know it as Dakini of the PureLands.