This video is a beginning conversation around people who are extremely sensitive to feelings and some of the challenges that can arise. It is also a soft response to some dear beings who took their life this year. I ended a little suddenly and I will pick it up again. There is much more to speak into here., I do recommend this video for people who consider themselves empaths or get overwhelmed by feeling or anyone who may even be in a deep depression or suicidal inclination. It may give some clues for your overwhelm and for people who are close to such people.

Gepostet von Dakini Shima am Freitag, 20. Dezember 2019

About the author

Dakini Shima is a wonder filled being who brings the transmission of mystery into form. These transmissions source from the voice of Yoni along the ancient spiraling lineage of SkyDancers and SkyHeroes. Some of you know it as Dakini of the PureLands.

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