The Sensitive Soul


Gurus and Evolution

Even the Guru is inside the Evolution.

Feminine Trust do you trust women ? do you trust the women of your family ? do you trust your best friend ? do you trust the feminine ? do you trust yourself ? Take a moment to feel into these questions. These questions hold vital information for you. Where […]


El Duende , the spirit of aliveness

El Duende comes from the gypsy – Flamenco people . And the whisper on the winds tells us that the Gypsy was born in the ancient Kali cults of India. Federico Garcia Lorca describes el Duende as ” a moment charged with passion, and enveloped in grace. A mysterious power which […]

Lalla the Buddha is not a typical documentary. She is experienced as a deep transmission of love and truth. And she has many layers and mysteries. The fundamental message of love will come to you first but then there are many more messages which are for you personally. Every person […]