Feminine Trust

Feminine Trust

do you trust women ?

do you trust the women of your family ?

do you trust your best friend ?

do you trust the feminine ?

do you trust yourself ?

Take a moment to feel into these questions.

These questions hold vital information for you.

Where we do not trust the feminine we also do not trust ourselves nor the dharma that wishes to flow from us. And in this defensive mistrust of so much of your life, true joy remains out of reach.

Distrusting the feminine is one of our deepest conditions that abides in the most subtle of ego. It is what gives power over the feminine and this distrust turns the foot away from where she knows to step.

And we suffer it !

Parents unconsciously encourage little girls to distrust the urges of their bodies , especially when , there is too much concern with physical safety. Each step that she takes is cautioned , so that she feels , if she runs too fast , she may be in danger .

When you tell a little girl “ be careful .. be careful .. be careful “ , she will begin to believe that life and her body is dangerous and it will become difficult for her to feel the soft urgings of Existing within her beautiful body.

And then , sexuality awakens and the slam-dunk of conditions gets placed on this sacred doorway in attempts to keep this precious and vulnerable young being “safe” , but it only confirms that her own desire cannot be trusted and life becomes ever more dangerous.

And so it continues , how she should be , what she should do with her living , until ,finally , one day ,she arrives at some healing the feminine divine women’s group , desperate and hungry , and when they ask her , “ what does SHE desire ? “, she has no idea what they are talking about !

But you have CHOICE. You are not a victim. You can choose not to drink of this golden goblet of poison , this vile liquid , that turns you against yourself and the women in your life. You can say NO. I will stand in my danger ! I will trust this moment as SHE is.

And there is new vision  , all around on this beautiful planet.

Women are gathering together and remembering what it is to love and trust each other and what it is to love and trust ourselves.

We are softly returning to the sacred vibrating body and her knowing and into vibrant desire , alive and awake , that is , always the rudder of our souls.

And , as each woman turns to HERself , then , in this virgin moment , she follows her naked feet  , slowly , going nowhere , on the dusty dirt road into Being.

The Goddess had a little nap but she wakes now