El Duende , the spirit of aliveness

El Duende comes from the gypsy – Flamenco people . And the whisper on the winds tells us that the Gypsy was born in the ancient Kali cults of India.

Federico Garcia Lorca describes el Duende as ” a moment charged with passion, and enveloped in grace. A mysterious power which everyone senses and no philosopher explains. ”

The space between worlds where the soul dancers in a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity.

How we yearn for this !

In Spain , the response is Allah or in more modern times Olé.

The spirit of the goddess is here.

Many spirit paths seek or call el Duende as part of their Sadhana or spirit practice.

The more alive the path , as in , not something from a dusty book , nor the contracted interpretations of an egoistic teacher or self claimed master , but the living lineage itself will call el Duende into the openness of the fierce warrior seeker.

In tantra we see this as the most beautiful mystical moment when spirit dances in form and the goddess and god laugh together in love.

Blessings on your journeys beloved into el Duende. May she rise to meet you as you step through the fire doorways of your inner most self.

Remember emotion is key , she is the river that becomes this dance of fire and light.

Step towards your feelings.

Dive into this river.

And surrender into this Shakti utterly.

Olé !

inspired by the keeper of the old stories Dr. Clarissa Estes author of Women who Run with Wolves .. in profound gratitude