Lalla the Buddha is not a typical documentary.

She is experienced as a deep transmission of love and truth.

And she has many layers and mysteries.

The fundamental message of love will come to you first but then there are many more messages which are for you personally.

Every person who watches Lalla the Buddha will receive a different message, and the more you watch the more that comes.

These are some Keys to watching Lalla the Buddha

  1. Watch Lalla the Buddha like who would listen to your Mother or Father telling you a story. Drop the mind’s response and simply listen in receptive open feminine and curious space.
  2. You may wish to take tea breaks between scenes as each scene or discourse has profound transmissions that asks for inner space to be received.
  3. Let her touch you . Feel the movie.
  4. Share the watching with another, the more that gather together when watching Lalla the Buddha the more energy will grow and speak directly to you.
  5. Form inquiry groups around the different transmissions. Listening to each person in the group and what they have received. At the end of the evening you will be sitting in a wealth of satori and gateways opening.

And enjoy Beloveds, she is a pure gift from Existence.

About the author

Dakini Shima is a wonder filled being who brings the transmission of mystery into form. These transmissions source from the voice of Yoni along the ancient spiraling lineage of SkyDancers and SkyHeroes. Some of you know it as Dakini of the PureLands.

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